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February 08, 2011

I'm So Sorry Dear T-T

Dear my beloved ones, i'm so sorry for hurting you so much, i'm so sorry for being such a burden for you, i'm so sorry for keep hurting and keep hurting you, T-T i'm try to be the best, i'm TRIED! but you know that i'm not such a good person, i'm bad in everything, everything T-T there's nothing that i'm good of, maybe i'm just a good-for-nothing person to you, just one more time, i wanna say that i'm sorry my dear !! T-T


izaFiza said...

touching habes..sobsob..

Firdaus Khairuddin said...

skali skala berjiwang :D
alaa, sume org pon mesti penah rasa kn? kn3?

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